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South Australian Native Foods Association

To promote the use and knowledge of native foods SANFA has       for sale the following

*  SANFA Poster showing 15 Native Food Plants which are grown in South Australia.  This poster is available for sale.  A SANFA members price applies.

*   'Cooking with Native Plant Foods' Compiled and printed through Jamestown Community School by Kay Jaeschke. Cost $12 The recipes are easy and use ingredients available from SANFA members.

Purchace of these resources can be made by contacting SANFA Treasurer Karen McConnell direct or from a Member's Meeting or other SANFA event.

Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

Over eons of time, the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains have gathered at Warriparinga. The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre was built here to ensure that Kaurna culture, and the Dreaming Story of the Land, is passed on from generation to generation.

Visitors from the wider community and tourists are also very welcome to come and learn about Kaurna culture and share in the special environment of peace that exists at Warriparinga.

All visitors are invited here in a spirit of humanity, and are asked to respect Kaurna cultural protocols when they visit the Centre

Open: Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm

        • Address: Warriparinga Way, Bedford Park SA 5042
  • Phone: 08 8357 5900
  • Fax: 08 8357 6599

Footeside Farm

Footeside Farm has been growing native food plants since 1999, varieties including Wattle Seed (acacia victorae), Bush Tomato (solanum central), Quandong (santalum acuminatum), Salt Bush (Atriplex nummalaria). We have started marketing our produce under the Footeside Farm logo from 2010. Check out the web site for all of our products developed at Footeside Farm and recipe ideas for using these products.

Wattle Seed, The Kitchen Handbook is now available featuring     35 recipes with photos and information on how to use wattle seed in your everyday cooking.

Knowing, Growing, Eating Edible Wild Native Plants

Author Neville Bonney

  • Contact: Neville Bonney
  • Address: PO Box 37 Tantanoola SA 5280
  • Phone:  0419 803 189
  • Fax: 

Jewel of the Australian Desert

Author Neville Bonney

  • Contact: Neville Bonney
  • Address: PO Box 37 Tantanoola SA 5280
  • Phone:  0419 803 189
  • Fax: 

Australian Native Bush Foods

Australian Native Bushfoods is situated at Murtho in the Riverland of South Australia. We specialise in growing Wattle Seed ( Acacia victoriae ) and have been doing so since 1996. We are considered pioneers of Wattle Seed production and take great pride in producing a quality product.

Our value added products include the original and unique Sticky Wattleseed Balsamic, concentrated Wattleseed Extract and our delicious Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil available in both retail and food service size containers.

Australian Native Bushfoods products are available throughout the Riverland and selected stores in Alice Springs and Darwin. Our Adelaide stockist is Brightseas, Brighton Rd, Brighton SA 

  • Contact: Mark and Jen Lucas
  • Address: PO Box 1292 Renmark SA 5341
  • Phone: 08 8595 5144
  • Fax: 08 8595 5144
  • Mobile: 0423 955 111
  • Email:

Sacred Grove 

Sacred Grove, established in 2008 on the sight of the Old Belvidere Brickworks just outside of Strathalbyn, it purpose is one of revegetation, preservation and education. Principal plant in focus Eremophila alternifolia “native honeysuckle”. Currently going through the Organic Certification Process with NASAA which will include Eremophila alternifolia, longifolia and Santalum Spicatum. Green Tea is the first product from the native honeysuckle.

  • Contact: Edmund Gooden
  • Address: 32 Milang Rd. Belvidere
  • Phone:08 8535 3710   
  • Mobile: 0419 300 297

Gourmet Goodies

Gourmet Goodies is a Barossa Valley based business which promotes and distributes South Australian produced gourmet foods.  The people we represent are passionate about the food they produce and we are proud to be able to showcase these quality products, on their behalf, on our online shop so they are easily accessible to everyone.

Green Farmhouse

Green Farmhouse is located in the limestone Coast region, on our property at Western Flat in the Upper South East of South Australia.
We provide fantastic seasonings and salts including, Pepper Power Lemon, Boobialla Bush Seasoning, Coollamon Herbs, Corroboree Dust, Salt with Attitude, Drovers Salt and Sunaami Salt.  We have
recently added Ozzie Dukkah to our range.  Check out our store online.


Tuckeroo is proudly 100% Australian owned and is totally committed to developing a unique high quality range of Australian Native inspired products so anyone can easily bring home the taste of the outback.

Formed in 2012, Tuckeroo Gourmet Foods is the brainchild of internationally renowned Australian Native Cuisine Chef Andrew Fielke who joined forces with Pronto E Fresco, a very successful Italian family business that manufactures excellent quality fresh antipasto products in Melbourne.

Under his brand Tuckeroo, the company now manufactures and distributes all over the country an ever expanding range of innovative products including fresh antipasto, dips, spice blends, sauces & dressings and crackers – with more to come!!!

Be sure to ask for Tuckeroo in IGA’s and Foodland’s throughout Australia, and for those who like on line shopping, the non perishable lines are available right here…

Muntrie Magic Native Bush Foods

Muntries from the Kunzea pomifera plant are indigenous to the southern coast of Australia and one of Australia's oldest Bush Foods. 

The fruit has a sweet spicy apple flavour and can be eaten fresh or used  in many sweet and savoury dishes.

High in Antiosidants, Muntries have up to 4 times the anitoxidants of Blue Berries.

Berries are available fresh from February to April and frozen all year.

The Lakes Hub - Community Nursery

The Lakes Hub, Milang, was officially opened on 4th December 2009 by the Hon. Jay Weatherill MP, the then Minister for Environment and Conservation in South Australia.

Located in Shop 2, 10 Daranda Tce the Lakes Hub provides a wealth of information for visitors and working space for Project Officers involved in projects around the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth region.

Centre Farm Pty Ltd

QUANDONGS available Fresh (in season),

Frozen or Dehydrated available all year round.

  • Contact: Craig Ellix
  • Address: 50 Railway Terrace, Snowtown SA 5520
  • Phone: 08 8568 2355
  • Mobile 0418 897 177


Specialising in Muntries and Illawara Plums.  Fruit for sale.

  • Contact: Ray and Pat Rogers
  • Address: 62 Hunt Road, McLaren Flat SA 5171
  • Phone: (08) 8383 0374
  • Mobile 0488 479 357 
  • Email:

Right Earth

"Earth Right is a unique gardening service that specialises in edible gardens that grow native foods, veggies, fruit and nut trees. Local native vegetation is used where ever possible to create an environment that is in a better state of balance and far less maintenance than conventional gardens. Earth Right was started by Steven Hoepfner in February 2011 in response to the growing desire of property owners for wildlife friendly waterwise gardens and for those wanting peace of mind in regards to where their food comes from.

RGFM Pty Ltd

Richard Gunner's Fine Meats - Wholesale Butcher.

  • Contact: Richard Gunner
  • Address: 6 Enterprise Court, Mt Barker, SA 5251
  • Phone: (08) 8188 4666
  • Email:

Something Wild

Something Wild specialises in a range of Open Range Game meats produced right here in South Australia. Located at the Adelaide Central Market, Something Wild is a must see to experience true Australian outback products right in the heart of Adelaide. A range of Native plant food products are available.

At Something Wild we specialise in kangaroo, open range boar, goat, crocodile, rabbit, venison, game birds, emu, camel and other exotic game meats.

Homestead Lovers

Specializing in powdered foods made with farm fresh South Australian produce.
Homestead Lovers Produce a wide range of dehydrated fruits, vegetables and herbs 
for a variety of clients including restaurants, caterers and food manufacturers. 

Contact: Joy White & Martin Jackson

Address: PO Box 454 Mannum SA 5238

Phone: 0448 374 582