Coast Wattle

Acacia sophorae COMMON NAME A. longifolia var. sophorae TRADITIONAL USE Tasmanian Aboriginal people used to roast the ripening pods, pick out the seeds and eat them. In Sydney, the Aboriginal people steamed the seeds and said they tasted like green peas (Low, 1991). PART USED Seeds only. The pods are an irritant and inedible. FLAVOUR … Read More

Threlkeldia diffusaCoastBoneFruit

Coast Bone Fruit

Threlkeldia diffusa COMMON NAME Coast Bone Fruit, Wallaby Saltbush. PART USED The tiny red fruit and leaves are edible. SEASONALITY All year round.


Coast Beard Heath

Leucopogon parviflorus COMMON NAME White currants. PART USED Tiny fruits FLAVOUR PROFILE The berries have a pleasant lemony taste and make a refreshing snack food (Low, 1991).



Typha orientalis COMMON NAME Bulrush, Cumbungi, wonga, reed-mace. TRADITIONAL USE Once a staple food for Aborigines along the Murray River. The roots/underground stems were lightly cooked to extract gluten that resembled wheaten flour or the starch in the roots was eaten raw and the left over fibres were spun into tough string. Some tribes at … Read More

AniseMyrtleSyzygium anisatum 2

Anise Myrtle

Syzygium anisatum COMMON NAME Anise myrtle, Aniseed myrtle, Ringwood TRADITIONAL USE Traditionally Aboriginal people used it medicinally as a tonic which had a vitalising effect. PART USED Mature leaves. The leaves are typically dried and milled used as a tea or flavour ingredient or steam destilled to obtain anise myrtle essential oil. SEASONALITY Anise myrtle … Read More


Club Rushes

Bolboschoenus caldwellii COMMON NAME There are three species: Sea Club Rush (B. caldwellii formerly Scirpus maritimus), B. medianus, and the marsh Club Rush, or river bulrush (B. Fluviatilis) (Low, 1991). TRADITIONAL USE Aborigines along the Murray River ate the walnut sized tubers of ‘belilah’ — probably marsh club rush. The tubers were roasted, pounded and … Read More

header generic bushbanana

Bush Banana

Marsdenia australis COMMON NAME Bush Pear, Bush Banana TRADITIONAL USE They were sometimes cooked on hot ashes and the vine’s flowers were sucked for nectar and eaten raw. PART USED Edible fruit and flowers. SEASONALITY Fruits from November to April. The fruit contains high levels of thiamine. FLAVOUR PROFILE The fruit looks like an avocado … Read More


Bower Spinach

Tetragonia implexicoma COMMON NAME Bower Spinach TRADITIONAL USE Bower Spinach was a significant food source for theTasmanian Aboriginal people. The berries, which darken to near-black when ripe, were valued as a red dye, and were a sweet tasting snack or addition to a main meal. Settlers cooked the succulent leaves like spinach and ate the fruit … Read More

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