Desert Lime

Citrus glauca


Also known as bush lime, wild lime and native cumquat.


Desert lime is one of the foods traditionally collected by Indigenous Australians.


Mature ripe fruits or fruit pulp


Desert lime flower-to-fruiting time is the shortest of any citrus species, taking only 10-12 weeks. It flowers mainly in spring and fruits ripen in early summer.


A very distinctive piquant lime flavour.


Desert lime has a distinct lime flavour but with that unique difference found in native foods, and can be used in any product or process where ‘normal’ limes are used. This includes traditional jams and preserves, cordial and cider. Desert lime powder is gaining a place as an attractive additive in herb and spice mixes and as a coating for nuts such as macadamias. It has a very thin rind which is virtually tasteless, is often seedless and can be used whole in cooking, making it an extremely versatile and excellent processing and culinary fruit.

In more recent years the desert lime has been incorporated into cosmetic uses such as hand lotion.

Desert lime is a very rich source of calcium and contains high levels of Vitamin C, folate (Vitamin B9), Vitamin E and lutein (a compound that plays an important role in eye health and wellbeing). It also has a high potassium:sodium ratio, which may help to reduce blood pressure