Muntrie Berry Jelly Slice

BASE 1 packet of plain sweet biscuits 170g melted butter FILLING 1 x 400ml tin condensed milk Juice of 2 lemons 3 level teaspoons of gelatine ¼ cup boiling water TOPPING 500ml cranberry juice 1 sachet gelatine 250g muntrie berries METHOD Base: Mix crushed biscuits with the melted butter. Press firmly into a slab tin and … Read More

Braised Wallaby Shanks

Braised Wallaby Shanks with Olives & Bush Tomato

SERVES 4 8 small wallaby shanks 1/2 cup flour for dusting 2 dspn extra virgin olive oil 1 dspn butter 1 large carrot, peeled 1 large celery stick 100g kalamata olives, pitted 4 garlic cloves, peeled 1 large onion, peeled 1 cup (250ml) red wine 1 litre beef stock 500ml tomato passata or puree 1 … Read More


Warrigal Greens & Desert Lime Pesto

250g warrigal greens, leaves picked, reserve baby leaves for garnish 1 large handful sea parsley leaves and stalks, roughly chopped, reserve a few leaves for garnish juice of 3 lemons 250ml (1 cup) extra virgin olive oil, plus extra to cover 200g macadamias approx 30 desert limes, plus a few halved limes for garnish 4 … Read More

marinated kangaroo fillet

Marinated Kangaroo

200g kangaroo tenderloin per person. Enough peanut oil to marinate the kangaroo, with ground black pepper, star anise, orange rind and a few drops of coconut vinegar added. Small amount of game or veal stock. 1tsp fresh horseradish (if in season), pureed in a small amount of coconut vinegar Marinate the kangaroo overnight Remove kangaroo … Read More


Water Ribbons

Triglochin COMMON NAME Water Ribbons, Swamp arrowgrass, creek lily. TRADITIONAL USE Aborigines would roast the bland starchy tubers, pound them into a paste and feed to teething babies and the elderly. The raw or roaster tubers were also eaten by adults, and were probably an important staple food throughout much of Australia (Low, 1991). PART … Read More


Warrigal Spinach

Tetragonia tetragonioides COMMON NAME Warrigal greens, Botany Bay greens, native spinach, New Zealand spinach. TRADITIONAL USE Lieutenant James Cook used Warrigal Greens as a source of vitamin C for his crew on the Endeavour during his voyage to New Zealand and Australia and it was also harvested and eaten by those who arrived from England … Read More


Sea Parsley

Apium prostratum COMMON NAME Sea Parsley, Sea Celery TRADITIONAL USE Captain Cook made use of this plant to prevent scurvy when “The Endeavour” visited the east coast of Australia in 1770 and it was subsequently used by early settlers as a source of greens. PART USED Leaves SEASONALITY All year round. FLAVOUR PROFILE Sea Parsley … Read More


Sea Blite

Suaeda australis COMMON NAME Sea blite TRADITIONAL USE Sea Blite is a salty, sea vegetable with high levels of iodine.Settlers used the leaves as a vegetable and pickle (Low, 1991) PART USED Leaves SEASONALITY All year round. FLAVOUR PROFILE Salty. USES Sea Blite will impart a pleasant, salty flavour to a dish and in small … Read More

Sarcocornia quinqueflora ssp. quinqueflora Beaded Glasswort Beaded Samphire 1


Sarcocornia quinqueflora COMMON NAME Bearded or Beaded Glasswort, Chicken claws (Salicornia australis). TRADITIONAL USE Early settlers used it in salads and as a pickle to ward off scurvy and starvation (Low, 1991) PART USED Young shoots at the tip of the plant. Samphire is high in Vitamin A and is a good source of calcium … Read More

Ruby Saltbush Enchylaena tomentosa 1

Ruby Saltbush

Enchylaena tomentosa COMMON NAME Ruby Saltbush, Ruby Red Saltbush, Barrier Saltbush TRADITIONAL USE PART USED Berries and leaves. SEASONALITY All year round. FLAVOUR PROFILE Ruby Saltbush is a quaint succulent bearing small berries with a crisp, salty-sweet flavour. USES Berries may be eaten raw or soaked in water to make a sweet tea. The leaves … Read More